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    PerchPal LogoNew PerchPal Retrieval Perch
    New PerchPal Retrieval Perch
    (Added 5/18/2023)

    • PerchPal™ is a revolution in safe bird handling and a necessity for every owner and trainer who work with unclipped birds.
    • PerchPal™ is the only portable perch that extends from 24”- 56” to retrieve birds from high places. Many bird owners have moved away from clipping the wings, so retrieving their bird can be an issue.
    • PerchPal™ gives bird owners and avian professionals a way to interact with their birds while reducing the chances of being bitten. It can also help make these interactions less stressful for the birds.
    • PerchPal™ has a strong, 3/4” diameter, reinforced rope, forming a 6” dia. circular perch around a sturdy molded cup to hold their favorite treats.
    Caterpillar - Medium
    10% Off Caterpillar - Medium
    For a Limited Time!
    New Mighty Bird Toys
    New Mighty Bird Toys
    (Added 5/11/2023)
    Giggly Mobile
    New Giggly Mobile
    (Added 5/3/2023)
    20% OFF New Fun-Max ToysNew Fun-Max Toys
    For a Limited Time!
    (Updated 04/14/2023)
    New TOP's Organic Pellets Packaging
    New TOP's Organic Pellets Packaging
    (Updated 04/14/2023)
    New Volkman Treats
    New Volkman Treats
    (Updated 03/20/2023)
    10% Off New
    Super Bird Creations Toys
    For a Limited Time!SB1196 - Top This!
    New Immune System Booster
    (Added 2/1/2023)
    New Immune System Booster
    Improves your bird's immune system's response while increasing energy and stamina.
    Scooter Zs Special
    10% Off Select Scooter Z's Toys
    For a Limited Time!
    Caitec Special
    10-15% Off Select Caitec Products
    For a Limited Time!
    Mahogany Pods
    New Mahogany Pods - 50 ct
    (Added 12/15/2022)
    Oven Fresh Bites and Cookies are now in stock.
    Parrot CookiesPlace your orders now so you won't miss out!
    First Prize Pets Cups
    (Back 12/14/2022)
    Smart Crock
    Tucson Manzanita Perches
    (Back 12/12/2022)
    Tucson Manzanita Perch
    Joint And Mobility (Formerly Pain Relief)
    (Back 11/30/2022)
    Joint and Mobility
    Contains beneficial herbs that can relieve arthritic discomfort as well as control swelling and reduce toxins which cause pain.
    New Fun-Max Toys
    (Updated 11/10/2022)
    New Fun-Max
    New Mangrove Lounge Flat Perch
    (Added 10/17/2022)
    Mangrove Flat Perch
    New HM Bird Foot Toys
    (Added 10/10/2022)
    New HM Bird Toys
    Fetch-It Pinatas
    (Back 9/23/2022)Fetch-It pinatas
    New Super Bird Creations
    (Added 6/24/2022)
    New Super Bird Creations
    New Super Critter Creations
    (Added 6/24/2022)
    New Super Critter Creations
    New Avian Electrolytes
    (Added 4/27/2022)
    Avian Electrolytes
    From Zoo-Med
    • Electrolytes regulate hydration, nerve and muscle activity, and other cellular functions.
    • Vitamin C is an antioxidant that is important for immune health.
    • Beta-carotene aids in feather pigmentation and forms the antioxidant, vitamin A.
    • B Vitamins help maintain proper metabolism and energy levels.
    • Prebiotics are important fuel sources for probiotics.
    • Probiotics for gut health. Contains a source of four live (viable), naturally occurring microorganisms.
    • No fat-soluble vitamins! Safely use with a regular vitamin supplement routine.


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