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  • MOR 00008 BREEDERS BLEND – 0.5 OZ

    MOR 00008 BREEDERS BLEND – 0.5 OZ

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    UPC:810121740064 Breeders Blend – 0.5 oz

    NEW FORMULA! A far superior and beneficial protein 100% protein is now the primary ingredient in BREEDERS BLEND. This new protein is significantly better at providing ample nutrition to birds, resulting in better results and overall performance.

    BREEDERS BLEND is a dietary supplement supporting successful breeding in all birds. BREEDERS BLEND dramatically increases dietary protein to assist in bringing the bird into breeding condition while providing a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids necessary to improve fertility in adult birds, promote healthy chick growth, stimulate the immune system and establish a healthy intestinal tract flora.

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