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Frequently Asked Questions: Here are a few of the questions we get asked the most. If you don’t see what’s on your mind, reach out to us anytime by phone (800-366-9953) or email (

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Do you sell to the general public?
At this time, we only sell to retail pet stores, breeders, animal hospitals, and animal rescues. If you own a retail pet store, please fill out the form on our Contact Us page to setup an account.
What are your hours of operation?

Wyld’s Wingdom is open from 8am to 4:30pm Mountain Standard Time Monday through Friday. You can reach us during normal business hours at 800-366-9953 or e-mail us anytime at

Do you ship outside the United States?
Yes. We ship worldwide to countries including Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, England, Japan, and more!
How much is shipping?

Shipping rates depend on your distance from us in Mesa, AZ and the size of your order. Please contact us for details about your specific shipping costs.

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Can I create my own login if I don't have an account on this site?

No. All wholesale accounts must be created by Wyld’s Wingdom. If you do not have an account with Wyld’s Wingdom, please contact us at 800-366-9953 or e-mail us at to setup an account.

I already have an account with Wyld's Wingdom. What's my login and password?
DO NOT GUESS AT YOUR PASSWORD! Several failed attempts within a certain time period will cause your IP address to be blocked on this site and may take several days to resolve. If you are uncertain of your login and password, please contact us. If you get an error indicating your IP has been blocked, you must contact us to have this issue resolved.

If this is your first time using our new site, you may need to contact Wyld’s Wingdom to verify your account from the old site was transferred over.

How do I log into the shopping cart?

If you are on the home page for Wingdom.Store you can click on the Click Here to Login Button.

Please note buttons and links may appear different on tablets and phone devices.
If you are already in the shopping cart, you can click on the “Login to see price” link under each item.

You can also click on the “My Account” option in the top menu to log in.

If you do not have a login for this site and you are a retail store, please contact us at or call us at 800-366-9953 to setup an account.

How do I find what I want to order?

You can find items on Wingdom.Store using the Category and Manufacturer menus on the side of the screen. Products are broken up into main categories like Toys, Food and Treats, and Accessories. Each main category may have subcategories like Hanging Toys, Foot Toys, and Foraging Toys. 

Can I order by the 6-digit Wyld's Wingdom number instead of browsing the categories?
You can use the Quick Entry form to enter up to 10 Wyld’s Wingdom items at a time to quickly build an order if you know the 6 digit number. The Wyld’s Wingdom number can be found on previous invoices. To access this form, click on the Quick Entry button in the upper menu.

On the form, fill in the 6 digit Wyld’s Wingdom number and the quantity you wish to order.

Click on the “Add to Cart” button to add these items to your current cart. If you enter an item that’s not available, you will get a notice saying it was an invalid item. After using this form, you may want to confirm these items were added to your cart before placing your order.
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How many products do you have available?
We currently carry over 2000 products from over 50 different manufacturers including Caitec, Fun-Max, Planet Pleasures, Super Bird Creations, Lafeber, Roudybush, Volkman, Zupreem, and more.
Do you carry products for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs...?
At this time, the majority of what we sell is for pet birds. We do have some small animal toys available from Super Critter Creations and can special order some dog toys from Caitec.
Do you sell cages?
We do not sell full cages at this time. We do sell travel cages.
Are there price breaks for buying full cases?
Many of our food brands have discounts/price breaks for ordering a full case. If you see a price range listed under a product name (For example $9.98 – $10.50), this usually indicates there is an option for a price break. In the Quick View or the Detail screen you can see a list of price breaks. An item with a price break at 6 will show a price for ordering up to 5 of that item (see images below). A lower price is listed for ordering 6 or more. When you increase the quantity, you’ll see the price selected based on the current quantity. Once you meet or exceed the price break quantity, the lower price should be highlighted and applied in the shopping cart.
If a product is not listed on the site, is it discontinued?
The short answer is no. While we try not to change the items on the web site too often, if we know an items will be unavailable for an extended period of time (weeks or months), we will temporarily remove it from the web site. This is to prevent as many out of stocks on your order and give you the opportunity to find something else to order as a replacement. If something is out of stock for a few days, we will leave it on the shopping site and may hold your order for a day or two if we know something is coming in soon.

Unfortunately with recent supply chain issues, this does mean many items you may be looking for are not on the site for ordering. If you would like to know if any item has been permanently discontinued, you can always send us an e-mail or give us a quick call.

Why don't you show current in stock quantities?
Current stock quantities can be misleading and may not reflect everything that is already allocated to another customer. Many times we have product that has been checked in but due to an invoicing error with the manufacturer may not be fully received into the computer and part of the inventory counts. When this happens we could have a product that would show out of stock on the web site but it’s been sitting on our shelves ready for sale for several days

We may also have something coming into the warehouse within the next few days that we can include on your order but would appear as out of stock at the time of placing your order if our web site was linked to our inventory counts. As mentioned above, if we know it won’t be available for a long period of time, we will remove it from the shopping site so you know to order something else. If it’s on the web site, it is most likely in stock or we are expecting it soon.

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