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  • NEK 217030 BREED-STAR – 30G

    NEK 217030 BREED-STAR – 30G

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    UPC:733309217038 Breed-Star – 30g

    Food supplement for birds that is specially developed to help with breeding. It contains all essential vitamins, amino acids, minerals and trace elements. In addition, NEKTON-Breed-Star has a generous amount of vitamin E and essential amino acids, in the ideal ratio to encourage and support breeding activity.

    Vitamin E has several functions in animals, but its key function is to protect the cells from oxidative damage - it promotes the protection of cell membranes and the detoxification of pollutants occurring in cell metabolism. It is also involved in cell respiration and thus plays a very important role in energy metabolism. It has also been shown that vitamin E supplementation improves animal fertility (especially sperm quality in males and egg fertility in females) and increases embryo survival and viability of hatched young. Additionally, vitamin E promotes antibody formation and has a positive effect on the immune system. Vitamin E deficiency can cause reduced fertility, sex drive and hatching. Finally, a lack of vitamin E particularly impairs muscle (white muscle disease) and heart functions. NEKTON-Breed-Star increases the often minimal amount of vitamin E in processed bird diets and covers the birds' needs with these nutrients, that are so important for the body.

    During breeding, the amino acid requirements of birds increase. NEKTON-Breed-Star contains 18 amino acids, with a high proportion of arginine, lysine, methionine, threonine and tryptophan, which are very important for the bird during breeding. These amino acids are limited, which means they must be supplied in the diet. The addition of these amino acids primarily increases reproductive performance and also counteracts stress factors. They increase egg quality and including egg weight, fertility, odds of having a successful hatch, and can stimulate immune response and alleviate immune stress.

    The vitamin content of NEKTON-Breed-Star is tailored to the special needs of birds' during breeding. NEKTON-Breed-Star can prevent damage to the birds' health that can result from a lack of these vital substances. These nutrients support proper metabolism and improve utilization of nutrients in food. This strengthens the bird's immune system and improves performance. It is ideal in combination with NEKTON Calcium plus for balanced breeding and to prevent calcium deficiency (egg breakage / egg quality).

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