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  • NEK 225026 NEKTON-MSA POWDER – 40 GR (1.40 OZ)

    NEK 225026 NEKTON-MSA POWDER – 40 GR (1.40 OZ)

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    UPC:733309225026 NEKTON-MSA POWDER – 40g (1.40 oz) – Mineral Supplement

    High-grade mineral supplement for pets.~~A special calcium supplement plus other macro and vital trace elements boosted by vitamin D3 to help rear young animals and treat calcium deficiencies.~~Mineral elements are extremely important for maintaining good health, top stamina and uninterrupted reproduction.~~The most important factor, whether in respect to diets or food supplements, is not only the number of individual substances but, above all, their well-balanced and well-matched composition. The mineral elements frequently operate in balanced pairs or in small groups. For example, it is a comparatively well-known fact that the nutritional role of calcium (Ca) is closely related to that of phosphorus (P) and in correlation to one another can prevent rickets and osteomalacia. Because of this, a large proportion of vitamin D3 has been added to NEKTON-MSA to help attune the Ca-P ratio to the requirements of each individual organism. By means of vitamin D3, calcium and phosphorus are better deposited in the animals bones, thus achieving full benefit of the mineral supply.~~NEKTON-MSA is primarily for animals during breeding, gestation and lactation. At these times an animal needs more minerals. An increased dose of calcium, for example, reduces the fragility of cage-birds eggs. In fact an animal suffering from calcium deficiency diseases can be helped back to good health through NEKTON-MSA.

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