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    UPC:048081629031 Quiet Me Training Tool

    Quiet Me is an innovative and humane training tool that distracts birds and interrupts bad behavior. Are you frustrated with your bird's squawking, feather plucking or temper tantrum? If your bird has developed a pattern of bad behavior and you need help, take control with Quiet Me, the humane training tool for interrupting their behavior and redirecting their attention. The Quiet Me device emits a captivating light pulse that cannot be ignored. As the bird's attention is diverted by the light, their tantrum will lessen and the outburst will cease. To use, place the Quiet Me unit outside the cage where your bird cannot reach it. The unit may be activated by tapping the button on the top, or via handheld remote (from a distance of up to 150 feet). While both activation methods work, we recommend using the remote so your bird doesn't associate your physical presence with the device.

      Quiet Me is most effective when combined with other supportive actions such as:~

    • rewarding quiet times and encouraging them to use quieter vocal tones
    • ~

    • providing mental stimulation and foraging challenges with our full line of Playfuls and Naturals toys
    • ~

    • keeping a log of the environment that triggers outbursts and looking for correctable patterns.

    ~~Quiet Me is a safe, effective tool for breaking bad patterns and redirecting energies to create a healthier, more peaceful environment for you and your pet. ~~

      Calm your bird with Quiet Me:~

    • Powerful light sequence distracts birds and diffuses unwanted behavior
    • ~

    • Includes: Main Unit, USB Charging Cable (for Main Unit), Handheld Remote (with two LR44 coin cell batteries, included)
    • ~

    • Light Sequence: 2 seconds ON, 1 second OFF, repeats four times
    • ~

    • Handheld Remote: Toggle between two modes: AUTO (2 sec. ON, 1 sec. OFF, repeats four times) and MANUAL (2 sec. ON, 1 sec. OFF, for as long as activation button on the Remote is held down)
    • ~

    • Low-power light indicators on both the Main Unit and Handheld Remote
    • ~

    • Retail-ready clamshell display packaging
    • ~

    • Product specifications and instructions on inside panels of display insert
    • ~

    • NOT A TOY
    • SKU: 322289

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