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  • EQU 00030 AVIAN PROBIOTICS – 1.59 OZ (45 GRAM)

    EQU 00030 AVIAN PROBIOTICS – 1.59 OZ (45 GRAM)

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    UPC:862502000304 Avian Probiotics – 1.59 oz (45 gram)

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    Help your avian friend feel their best with HealthyGut Probiotics for Birds. This Avian Formula is an all-natural, daily probiotic and prebiotic supplement for all classes of pet bird. Scoop included, the tasty powder is easy to feed and made from human grade raw materials. Holistically promote normal digestion, crop pH, help defend against feather picking and effects from stress, aid relief from digestive upset or antibiotic use, and aid general microbiome support in your bird. Ideal for all ages of bird. Contains Lactobacillus.

    SKU: 125551

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