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  • PPP 50746 SHOWER PERCH-SAND-SMALL-10.5″X 7/8

    PPP 50746 SHOWER PERCH-SAND-SMALL-10.5″X 7/8

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    UPC:753323507465 Window/Shower Perch – Sand – Small – 10.5″ x 7/8″ Perch Diameter

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    -Provides perching pleasure for your pet bird whether you install it on a window, mirror or shower stall. ~-Non-slip, sand coating on the lightweight PVC perch pampers birds with the perfect surface to clean and trim nails and beaks. Also conditions and softens feet.~-Three oversized suction cups simplify mounting and supports even heavy birds. ~-Metal hanging loop on the end provides a convenient site for hanging bird toys for additional mental and physical stimulation.~-Folds flat when not in use.~-Washable.~~Recommended for Conures, Cockatiels, Lovebirds and Parakeets.~Window/Shower Perch - Sand - Small - 10.5" x 7/8" Perch Diameter

    SKU: 144668

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