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  • JWP 56124 COMFY PERCH – LARGE – 28

    JWP 56124 COMFY PERCH – LARGE – 28

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    UPC:723503561242 Comfy Perch – Large – 28″ – 1 1/4″ Dia. Cotton Rope

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    Keep your pet bird comfortable and stress-free with the JW Pet Comfy Perch. The Comfy Perch is a simple, multi-colored rope that works wonders for helping to relieve cage stress and boredom. Twist and bend the Comfy Perch into any creative shape you want. Each end attaches to a wire cage, and it will hold its shape without the danger of wires or stiffeners being exposed, so your pet bird will rest comfortably. Pet birds need perches of varying lengths, thicknesses, styles, and materials to keep their grip strength and their feet healthy.~~Dimensions 30.5" L x 2" W x 1.5" H Product Weight 1.075 lb

    SKU: 116623

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