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  • HIG 32272E SOAK N”” SPROUT – 3 OZ

    HIG 32272E SOAK N”” SPROUT – 3 OZ

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    UPC:046706322725 Soak n”” Sprout – 3 oz – Each

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    Sunburst Gourmet Natural Treats for birds are an assortment of fun, healthy, natural snack mixes that supplement your pets regular diet. Soak n Sprout for all small birds including Canaries, Finches, Parakeets and Cockatiels is a unique blend of live seeds you sprout at home. Sprouts are an excellent source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals for all birds. Youll see your pet birds enjoy a healthy mix of safflower, buckwheat, quinoa, mung beans and more!

    SKU: 120035

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